A luxurious heavyweight carpet tile designed for commercial, recreational and hospitality interiors, Arran takes the concept of linearity into an unusual new direction. Far from being formal and regimented, this floor covering is rugged, undulating and rich with visual interest and texture.

Arran’s natural, almost ‘artisan’ appearance belies the complexity of its multi-height textured loop pile design and the state of the art manufacturing technology behind it. Using CMC Infinity machinery, Forbo’s designers have developed a carpet tile with unashamedly irregular peaks and furrows which broadlooms beautifully to deliver an alluringly tactile linear design offering real warmth.

Arran is offered in a broad range of eighteen colourways comprising natural and more vibrant tones to complement today’s most contemporary interior environments. Each tile features a carefully blended duo of yarns, 100% solution dyed to ensure the subtle colour contrasts are maintained throughout the lifespan of the flooring, even in the most demanding environments subjected to intensive cleaning regimes.


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